Like if Looking HBO wasnt already peeeeerfect, they even made Patrick keep his socks on when he’s having sex with Kevin like how often does that rly happen in shows and movies, ily Looking HBO for keeping realistic dorkness in your sex scenes aaaa for realsies i need season 2 n o w

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My iPhone was stolen.
I put it in my pocket for 0,005 seconds and I never, NEVER put it in my pocket cod remember kids, i live in the jungle so i know im surrounded by savages that have mastered pick-pocketing
I needed to take my.bus card.and the time it took me to walk two meteres through the people, it had dissappeared and the bus station was too too full so it was impossible to look for the animal that took it and if i had catch it they wouldve stabbed me with a pocket knife or smth

Omg a tv show abt Johnny Flynn getting chlamydia this is a good time to be alive

Who even gave Louis Garrel permission to exist like for realsies NOOOOOOO no no horrible dumb cow stop ruining lives DISSAPEAR PLS

Srsly considering getting an undercut

And awwww i wanna get better on the new new girls ep

Scarlett left a comment on Cams from Tame.impala insta photo omfg gorgeous perth aussie bbs

Yah i know Lauren Mayberry is p much the most beautiful person that has ever lived but like have you seen Martin Doherty, the chinless blue eyed GOD dancing at the side???


the screen writing on this movie was really something else

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"I do it for me"

Oh really? You know, I do wonder how likely it would have been for you to have begun shaving off natural body hair if you hadn’t been informed from day one that natural hair on women is “gross” and that this was the beauty standard to aspire to.

The “I do it for me” choice-y feminism thing is bogus and please dear everything, apply critical thinking as to why it is we do the things we do.

I really really really love this post because as a woman who does shave I’m all over this. I don’t shave because I want to. I shave because I’m afraid of social backlash. Point blank. I wish I was strong enough and bold enough to face the criticism, but I’m not. I applaud all women who don’t shave and I hope one day I can say fuck it and just not shave. I think though once we all stop fooling ourselves with the ‘I do it for me’ thing, maybe we can have a real change with this stigma…you don’t ‘do it for you’ you would have never ‘done it for you’ if generations hadn’t told you that shaving was the ‘appropriate’ thing to do.

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There this mega campaign in the whole county abt peace and all its like the #iCAN campaign like i can be a nice person and i can be honest, things that are normal in other countries but remember kiddies i live in the jungle
So my uni said like i CAN trust my city and to acces the campus you have to show your id card like if you were entering the undeground and theyll open the entrances si eveyone can access and enrer the classes its a nice idea and its big cos my uni is the most expensive in the county so we are the rich high class cancer of.society but its in the city center that has lots of safety issues
And the doors open tomorrow and everyone can go to the classes they want to and whatever and there are literally campaigns led by students like NO TO THE OPENING ON TUESDAY and bla bla like omg im going to be kidnapped inside my campus and omg the horrible criminals are gonna steal my bags and omg my dad paid a lot so now a stranger can take my same class buaaa so unsafe and so unfair

And theres a guy literally harrasing the people.who planned it claiming.its so.unsafe hes gonna get stabbed going to his lame ass calculus clas
Idk embarrased of the people.i study with cHRIST give me strength, and i repeat, the drama is because of JUST ONE FUCKINGLY STUPID LAME ASS DAY


Julian Casablancas & The Voidz - Estereo Picnic 2014

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