"Q: What makes you so sad?
ES: I’m not ‘so sad.’ There has to be a certain amount of darkness in my songs for the happiness to matter. Just ‘cause I’m not singing about sex and sports doesn’t mean I’m sad."

Elliott Smith (March 2000 interview with NME)

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Carl Barats baby boy is called Ramone


NME Awards 2008. Awee Nick!!!

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My parents dont know abt my tattoo cos i use a big bracelet and i literally never see it and i often forget i have it so sometimes when it peeks thru im like whut

I think the reason i havent had sex yet is because i cant stand the idea of a guy thinking he’s special to me and oh how fun thats exactly what guys think they are to a girl that had sex for the first time with them



Regine Chassagne Reflektor Tour Wardrobe Part 1

Oh my goodness! She’s such a goddess! I die.

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I think me and my whole family are actually going to gather together to celebrate Kyoto’s birthday when he turns 10 in two months.
I mean, he’s been in our lives even longer than my lil cousins have, he deserves a mega party

Idk man Lorde probably doesn’t play rock, but she deffo is a rock star, i’m just SO glad she won, she put bad ass female musicians right in front of everyone in an event thats mega famous, and shes the first female artist to win that award U GO ELLA GIRL i love her so much

Dont u guys love my new notepads?

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It literally is one of my favourite things ever when men who have made women feel shit over their appeareance their whole lives start going bald and are suddenly mega self conscious cos they think women will in fact judge them over their appeareance

Feliz cumpleaños #5, Humbug! Gracias por ser lo mejor que le ha pasado al mundo. #arcticmonkeys #humbug #estabaempezandodécimo :’)

Omg humbug my darling happy bday

I want samantha urbani’s tiny gold septum ring ;__;