at my sister’s workplace there’s a guy in charge of the mail with an intellectual disability and she told us today that his brother had died and said like “wow so sad imagine his parents, that are left with this guy… and….” she didnt say it literally but it did really sound like “so sad for their parent cos the one that didn’t die is the one that -doesnt work-” instead of “so sad for him because he just lost his brother”

idk, i mean i  h a t e my sister  we really dont get alongbut i really dont want to think THAT bad of her cos u know shes my sister and im stuck with her til we are old but wow,idk man i kinda dont have a particle of respect for her now and it’s kinda awful to say like, my sister, the person who ahs the same parents as me and lives with me, can think those things



I hate when black clothes are a slightly different black and don’t match

we joke but this is an actual thing

greenish black with blueish black, ugh, a nightmare designed by the devil

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Once i was talking about beauty amd appeareance with a guy friend and he said “yeah, … You’re pretty” when we mentioned a beauty standard and i replied “thanks! I know” and he immediatly went like “yeah right there thats your problem, you say it in a very cocky way” and i ¿?¿?? And i said “i cant say it? It only counts when someone else validates it??” and he “yeah kind of, it doesnt count if another girls says so, theyre always telling each other how pretty they are” “so i am only pretty if i have a guys validation.but say nothing myself” “yeah pretty much” AND HE STILL DOESNT GET THE PROBLEM OF WHAT.HE JUST SAID

He’ll be writing the lyrics for the next boy band u can bet

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Are you into BDSM?


I’ve always been a fan of Bob Dylan’s Sensual Music 



I went to ‘up the bracket alley’ on saturday when I went to London. It was actually so amazing, all the messages down there.. It was just perfect.

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ben lovett is getting married im going to cry a river

sliceoffriedcornetto said: The first mention of Looking on my dash since I watched it! Thank God more people out there love it like mad too!!! But I’m a Kevin/Patrick girl myself

OOMMGGG you,me and my anon we can now have a HOW AM I GOING TO WAIT TIL 2015 support group sighhhhhh 

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I totally understand, what he said about Richie was horrible, but his sadness when Frank dumped him was SO genuine and he’d understood that he’d messed it up! And wow I had forgotten that detail, now I don’t knwo what to think, cause i was shipping them super bad but you’re 100% right, mayeb he doesn’t trust him yet? Or he’s at a higher rank he has to please him probably?? Literally won’t be albe to wait until 2015, AND YES! DOM/LYNN IS JUST HEARTBREAKING FOR ME, CAUSE IT’S CLEAR THAT DOM IS CR

"AZY ABOUT HIM! And yes, he did look adorable, I loved that scene, I LOVEE Agustin and Patrick’s friendship, they’re all amazing, the three of them."

yes yes yes exactly!!! but AGHHHHHH KEVIN IS AND HIS STUPID EARS AND STUPID ACCENT I mean i cant blame patrick for having a weird crush on the guy idk aman LOOK AT HIM and no wait Richie is also uber cute too aaa everyones cute and right before thie fight of the wedding and patrick was like omg u shaved! and he like do you like it and patrick is just amdly in love with him idk that scenme was just ADORABLEEEEE 

IREWATCHED THE FINALE TODAY AND BYE I CANT HANDLE DOM WHEN HE SEES LYNN DATE AAAAGH FUCK I LOVE THEIR STORYLINE i dont even know if lynn’s interested in Dom?? but Dom wow his FACEEE when he talks to him  nonononooononooonononononnononono

im having a super serious meeting tomorrow in Uni to see if we can make our project for Studio 4 official, and make it work this semester, and use the logo and slogan i designed and fuse it with another campaign they had started to work on and this is liek BIG and one teammate is traveling and the other one has driving lessons and it’ll be just me with like 20 adults that work at super high ranks in my Uni’s seniors department long story short im gonna fAINT BUT OMG IMAGINE MY LOGO AND MY SLOGAN WITH A CAMPAIGN ALL OVER THE CAMPUS WOW


Suck It And See + favorite lines (insp.)

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hey! I'm obsessed with Looking too! in my case it was Dom's pornstache what grabbed my attention at first hahaha little question: Kevin/Patrick or Richie/Patrick (and I guess you're head over heels with Dom/Lynn like I am right now) oh my GOD I'm so happy I finally found someone who loves Looking


Man, Dom and Lynn i s2g i was going to cry with the season finale?!??!?! Dom’s liek crazy abt him but he’s mega confused cos we knwo that he always got with a bunch of twenty smths and he was the mature one but ooommfffggg hes now the twenty-smth to Lynn and he’s mega confused in this pleasure/business limbo they are  but he’s just dying with it and his face when he saw Lynn’s date??? So heartbreaking?? Idk man, just like my gal Doris says, DOM’S WORTH IT by FAR my fave couple in this show and Dom’s amazing LYNN U DUMB COW WHY DONT YOU RELAIZE IT


To answer your question

Id say richie/Patrick not because i LOOOVEEEE them (dont get me wrong i do think theyre hella cute) but i just NOOO with kevin/Patrick, yes, he’s GORGEOUUSSS, and OMG those aears!! And SWOOOOOONNN the accent but idk, he’s the one with a serious relationship and he began with all the cheating AND his drunk Kiss at the wedding was super agressive and abusive and when they had sex, remember when  Patrick and Richie were talking about what they like and they dont like in bed?? And Patrick said he really didnt liked it up the ass?? And he trust richie with that and thats like mega normal 40% of the gay guys i know are like team oral through and through and richie like yup only if Patrick wanted to, WELL HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING WITH KEVIN and what if he didnt want to but like —-my boss—- and idk who know i dont even know how all this Works im a twenty year old straight girl but there’s somthing abt Kevin that makes me wanna scream like PATRICK NOO!!!!

Arent we going to discuss how adorable Agustin looked when he fell asleep in the bed and Patrick laid right next to him?!?! Actual puppy?!?!?!?! And idk why i cant hate him even tho everyone does?!?! Hes like mega flawed but wow hes such a great carácter

BYE WORLD I LOVE THIS SHOW HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN and now i have to wait til 2015?!?!?

Jonathan Groff from Looking HBO looks like an american baby-faced Ben Howard

i just finished looking hbo

im going to collapse emotionally