"Three thousand people singing back your songs is an incredible feeling." - Jake Bugg

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I s2g i could listen to Peter Liddle talking and singing 24/7 til the end of my life


Carl’s tattoo, Pete’s handwriting.


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Is it weird to admit Sara Sidle from CSI is probably the main female figure in my life?

Honestly girls really shouldnt underestimate how great can dark lipstick make you feel with yourself

I helped a friend for his studio 7 project and he needed a photo of me to put next to the interview and i just took this and omg yayyy im in love with my lipstick and eyebrows as per usual


These photos are very important. Especially the facial expressions.

Anonymous asked:
Slightly related to your note book- did you hear about the Japanese artist who took self portraits of her vagina and created canoe boats from the pictures using a 3d printer, I think she has been threatened with arrest or has been because of it, can't remember the exact details but yeah interesting story that I read about just thought I would share :-P

omg omg we did talk about her in class, and she made a huge coloured kayak, what a bad ass, and she obvs got mega banned and she also said how hypocritical it was cos the same people had refused to say anything against animated pornography sexualising prepubescent teenagers or smth like that, such an idol
right now theres a similar drama here in my city cos an artist called Maria Eugenia Trujillo had this exposition with all the object of the church, the goblet the thingy where you put the bible, where the Christ stands and she put tiny tiny tiny tiny vaginas in the center to make a reference to abuse against women and the whole country went crazy and the church and our priests went all THATS UNACCEPTABLE and all and i s2g she wanted to show how sacred the female can be or smth like that it wasnt anything against vaginas i eman all the politicians and priests that started complainig, they all came out of one so i honestly dont get the drama, and im a cotholic myself and i understand the refence and i think it was respectful but sigh
thankyou for sending me this and yay! vaginas vaginas vaginas

"Q: What makes you so sad?
ES: I’m not ‘so sad.’ There has to be a certain amount of darkness in my songs for the happiness to matter. Just ‘cause I’m not singing about sex and sports doesn’t mean I’m sad."

Elliott Smith (March 2000 interview with NME)

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Carl Barats baby boy is called Ramone


NME Awards 2008. Awee Nick!!!

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My parents dont know abt my tattoo cos i use a big bracelet and i literally never see it and i often forget i have it so sometimes when it peeks thru im like whut