Ravi Shankar teaching George Harrison to play sitar

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Thats like the saddest thing of all

Coming from an art and design double major, theres smth just beyond fascinating about impractical ostentous creations, like no one needs them, and yet there they are and people put so much effort in that. Big part of design, all art i cant deny it and creative architecture arent particularly needed and yet…. Its all abt egos sake and theres nothing wrong with it, and she nails this impractical monumentalism like a rockstar

Mega happy!!! And hes ecstatic cos its like his lifelong dream, and if they manage to sign Falca too, tho its now a bit unlikely, i will be beyond happy fpr them cos they have been playing together for a long time in Porto and Monaco and they have a fab friendship and amazing dynamics while playing

Fck im stuck with watching transformers.with my lil cousin ugh wild last saturday night of my holidays

i start classes on monday and they already sended the course program of one of the classes and IT HAS A GROUP PROJECT and five page essay in groups of four that litrally the worst thing ever im gonna jump off a cliff i think im gonna quit that class WHY who do group projects exist and u know, we are like twenty, he prefers making our lives a nightmare so he just grades 5 essays instead of 20 and u know what u dumb cow an university professor earns SO much money why dont u try to work for your salary UGH

just realized my hair rly looks like steve zissou era wes anderson i am so happy i might cry

In my fb newsfeed in my suggested pages there was “James Rodriguez Oficial” and (!!!) “457 of your friends like this page”…. i have little over 600

Zaha Hadid is the coolest gal ever pretty much a ROCK STAR in architecture, an incredibly fascinating creator and probably one of the most innovative architects of modern times

And she still is a ~woman~ architect, not an architect

My sister is now following me on instagram oh god ew nooo go away

why did fifty shades even become a thing, it makes me so sad


Franz Ferdinand at T in the Park 2014.

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