the 2 coolest human beings in the world ever

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How can blood on the tracks be so incredibly perfect like HOW it doesnt make #sense



The new Clean Bandit vid is just SO cuteeeee kissies everywhere

wait what video?!
New vid for “Real Love” with Jess Glynne again yayyyy lots of bodies race age and lgbt representation too!!

The new Clean Bandit vid is just SO cuteeeee kissies everywhere


Noel and Liam do some navel-gazing. 

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Mirror selfie con el bebé, y mis papás de fondo. #odioTuboleta



Matt you’re beautiful.

bless his beautiful soul

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"Whenever we get sent free clothes and that, there’s always something you pull out of the box and think, ‘Nobody is going to wear that.’ And every time, Helders comes in and, straightaway, he goes, ‘I’ll have that.’"

Jamie Cook (x)

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Google Autocomplete: dos palabras que te hacen feliz, como tu Bon Yurt #vetustamorla


Radiohead Discography (1993 2011) [Insp]

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Jamesito scored and the whole team went to hug Pekerman cos his mum passed away this weekend and yet he’s with the team today and Falca was huggin him like a brother and
I fckng hate this team

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I have to admit that after Grissom/Sara ended, I’m aaaalll in with Snickers and I can’t control it